Aluminium Structural Framing – Doors and Door Components

Sliding Door Components

Contains profiles and accessories for creating horizontal or vertical sliding doors using aluminum framing.


Nonlocking handles can be used for various functions on an aluminum frame including: sliding doors, panels, carts, material trays, etc. Also included here are handle mounting plates for wire guarding and rubber stops.


The following hinges are used to make doors, windows, access panels, etc. in aluminum structures.

Latches and Locks

Latches and locks are avaiable for almost any type of door or panel. Latches are either magnetic or use a ball detent to remain closed. Locks are available with keys to secure access to areas guarded by framing or to prevent access to panels in structures.

Door Seals

Used to provide a seal between doors and their frame. Seals are available in three sizes for 6mm, 8mm and 10mm T-slots.