FIBROTOR® with cam drive


An extremely long life time and shortest cycle time with an excellent precision and no need for maintenance – these are important aspects to any production line. FIBROTOR® rotary tables combine all of them and offer as an additional highlight up to five years warranty. Thanks to its completely new developed control cam, energy consumption drops by 20 %. Alternatively, higher masses can be moved, shorter indexing time can be realized or a smaller rotary table can be used.

Indeed, FIBROTOR® rotary tables may be used as assembly tables; welding, positioning or storing tables; in packaging, printing, labelling or laser machines, as well as for light cutting. FIBROTOR® rotary tables work without elastic drive elements that tend to get worn out and enable highly precise positioning and repeatability. Extremely short positioning times ensure excellent productivity.

A vast range of products

FIBRO can offer you the suitable rotary table type for the application at hand, with the FIBROTOR® product range. FIBRO provides highly accurate solutions, specifically made to satisfy each customer’s demands, from the FIBROTOR® EM line, or an attractively priced universal rotary table from the FIBROTOR® ER line, which serves as a great basic model and which can be supplied in short term thanks to a maximum degree of standardization. The rotary indexing ring FIBROTOR® RT is perfect for any application which requires a large center hole. For flexible positioning FIBROTOR® EM and FIBROTOR® RT are available as NC type. All FIBROTOR® rotary tables can be used horizontally and vertically.

Your application

  • Universal positioning applications, e.g. for assembly, packaging, printing, labelling or riveting applications
  • Broad range of storage, transport and feed tasks
  • General drive applications, e.g. as a drive of discontinuous belts or as a shift gearbox
  • Available as an NC or indexing variant

Your benefits

  • Three standard types – the right one for any task:
    • FIBROTOR® EM – for precision, custom requirements
  • FIBROTOR® ER – for fastest possible delivery times with highest level of standardization
  • FIBROTOR® RT – as a ring table with large center through-hole
  • Largely dimensioned axial needle bearing for highest transport loads
  • Cam rollers with contact bearings for highest rigidity
  • Hardened radial cams for optimal motion sequence and best power transmission
  • With hydraulic clamping and strengthened table top bearing, suitable for light cutting tasks
  • Available with many additional options for an array of add-on and deployment applications
  • Sturdy design with long-term lubrication for minimal maintenance and longest service life

Additional options

  • Frequency inverter with FIBRO software
    • 5-year warranty!
    • Pre-programmed sequences such as CW, CCW rotation or pendulum mode, soft start, specifically after emergency stop, rapid speed and creep speed
    • Easy and quick setup
    • AC servomotor with integrated controller
    • Autonomous operation – intelligent stand-alone solution including diagnosis function via LED
    • Easy plug-in cable connection for logic and power supply e. g. via USB
    • Simple handling, thanks to the intuitive program software FIBRO Servo-Link incl. Teach-in function
  • FIBROTOR® Microprocessor-Control Card
  • Position detection
    • Increases the process safety of your system
    • Protection class IP65 provides excellent protection against humidity and splashed water
  • Over-travel protection and media feed through
  • Strengthened table top bearing
  • Hydraulic table top clamping
  • ATEX design
  • Additional table tops and machine stands
  • In addition, we also supply centering rings as well as centering flanges for faster set up and more precise installation of your superstructures