Aluminium Structural Framing – Manual Conveyors

Bosch Rexroth EcoFlow Manual Conveyors

With the growing emphasis on lean manufacturing and semi-automated production, it is important to have a workpiece pallet-based manual conveyor system that is flexible enough to accommodate the rapidly changing demands of today’s manufacturing environment.

ESA can provide EcoFlow Manual conveyor systems for the linking of manual work stations, transportations and storage of parts / components.

EcoFlow offers a totally modular approach to manual conveyors. Extruded aluminium and PVC profiles can be quickly cut to length and assembled into custom length manual conveyor sections. Ball roller transfers and roller corners provide smooth, controlled routing of pallets. EcoFlow can use simple pallets constructed of wood, plastic, or steel.

The use of modular components makes it extremely easy to modify workstation or work-cell designs. As a result, manufacturing process changes no longer lead to extended down times. The modular, bolt-together technology ensures rapid changeovers.

EcoFlow Components

The worker has complete control of the line as manual stops hold the pallets safely in position while work is being performed. All of this is accomplished without electrical or pneumatic power. Workstations with work-cells can be rapidly swapped out to allow for multiple part production on a single assembly line.

The heart of the EcoFlow system is the roller conveyor section. This consists of an extruded aluminum Roller Profile, a die-cast plastic Roller Support, an extruded, low-friction PVC Guide Profile, and plastic or steel Track Rollers. The workpiece pallet rolls smoothly across the track rollers, or the conveyor can be set up as a slide line without the Track Rollers. Additional components, such as roller ball transfers and pallet stops, provide additional layout versatility. The components are ordered individually, allowing you to build the configuration perfect for your needs.

  • Workpiece Pallet
  • PVC Guide Profile
  • Track Rollers
  • Roller Profile
  • Roller Support