Aluminium Structural Framing – Dynamic Linear Elements

Bosch Rexroth Dynamic Linear Elements (DGE), have been redesigned to make them more durable and easier to install. Bosch Rexroth Dynamic Linear Elements provide precise linear motion using standard modular components. Standardized modular components allow you to build custom length linear units in minimum time using simple hand tools.

Three standard sizes are available, capable of handling dynamic loads up to 12,500 N (2810 lbs) for even heavy-duty applications. The use of stepper motors allows an incredible degree of precision and repeatability in automated assembly applications, with positioning repeatability up to 0.05 mm (0.002”). Technical assistance designing a linear motion system is available through Engineering Solutions & Automation Ltd, your local Bosch Rexroth distributor. We can provide helpful guidelines and tips for designing and maintaining a linear motion system suited to your needs.

When selecting the correct size and style of dynamic linear elements, there are two key factors to keep in mind. Each model number contains a number that indicates the diameter of the hardened steel guide rail.


For example, an LF20 linear guide uses a guide rail that is 20mm in diameter.

Within each size range, there are also two styles of linear elements: S and C. The S series (LF6S, LF12S, LF20S) uses a guide profile that can be mounted to a section of structural profile or a flat plate.


This style features a particularly high guide accuracy.

The C series (LF6C, LF12C, and LF20C) uses guide rails that are clamped or pressed into the 10mm T-slots of various structural profiles.


With this style, track width can be selected to accommodate a wide range of sizes and loads.

Dynamic Linear Elements—Main Components

The main components of the Bosch

Rexroth dynamic linear elements

are shown.

LF6S and LF6C

6mm Guide Rail

FZMAX 850 N (191 lbs)

FYMAX 1400 N (314 lbs)

14-4 to 14-11

LF12S and LF12C

12mm Guide Rail

FZMAX 2,000 N (449 lbs)

FYMAX 3,500 N (786 lbs)

14-12 to 14-19

LF20S and LF20C

20mm Guide Rail

FZMAX 6,000 N (1,348 lbs)

FYMAX 12,500 N (2,810 lbs)

14-20 to 14-27