ESA supply and install Doga torque reaction system to meet the demand for all industries from high torque Vehicle assembly applications to the smaller light weight system for the Electronics Industy

This comprehensive range will cater for torque ranges from 5Nm to 1000 Nm (with specialist larger systems available upon request). Positional control can be monitored via a Posi control unit to provide positional sequencing using encoders in the X and Y providing enhanced error proofing

Established in France and present worldwide for over 60 years, DOGA manufactures and markets Assembly Tools & Accessories under ISO 9001.

With the Productivity & Manufacturing Quality in Mind, DOGA provides innovating & reliable Assembly solutions, Expertise and Technical support to its customers acting in the Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics and General Assembly Industries

But why use a Torque Reaction System ….?

Air and electric powered hand tools produce a torque reaction transmitted to the operator’s hand. Over a period of time this reaction can cause injuries to the hand, wrist and shoulder. These Injuries mean reduced productivity and increased employee absenteeism. This could be prevented by using one of our reaction arms designed to absorb the torque reaction but also to improve the ergonomics and productivity of the workstation.

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BA SERIES. This range of Linear torque reaction arms has the tool mounted on a smooth running linear slide system which rotates 360 degrees around a vertical shaft. Ensures the tool is vertical at all times. The BA series has 8 models from 5-100 Nm. Downward assistance kits are available making these systems ideal for self-tapping applications…. Requires no effort from the operator.

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BAC SERIES. Traveling arms mounted on sliding rails ideally suited for operations on large surfaces with repetitive tightening tasks. Torque ranges up to 60Nm. Downward assistance kits are available, making these systems ideal for self-tapping screws on large surfaces.

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BAR SERIES. Articulated torque arms are equipped with a rotating arm which folds like a human elbow. They are recommended for areas where space is tight. This versatile configuration has large range of clamp options to accommodate straight, pistol and angle tools. Torque range from 5-100 Nm. Downward assistance kits are available, making these systems ideal for self-tapping applications…. Requires no effort from the operator. A new Range of long reach, high torque models are available from 180-500 Nm

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SLIDER SUSPENDED ARMS. Light to Medium suspended arms mounted on a suspended sliding rail makes the SLIDER series ideal for conveyor lines or just clearing the work area. Full range of rails carriages and mounting options available

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DMF SERIES. Telescoping arms now available to 300Nm. Extremely rigid, light, compact and maintenance free, the DMF carbon fibre arms are easy to install and ideal for conveyor assembly lines. Space age carbon fibre construction makes the DMF range the lightest system available, and no grease points making them maintenance free. Extremely flexible the DMF telescoping arms are ideal for straight, pistol and angle Nutrunners

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