Production Cordless Screwdrivers & Wrenches

Introducing some of the low voltage production cordless available from Bosch…..


The new C-EXACT electric screwdrivers offer much more than just a tough polyamide housing. High accuracy and repeatability are guaranteed, even after driving 1 million* screws.

Durable, efficient and user-friendly

Combining low-voltage operation, brushless DC motor technology and key components from the EXACT cordless screwdriver line, the new C-EXACT electric screwdrivers provide a cost-effective tool packed with innovative features. The clutch provides 15% greater torque in reverse for loosening fasteners, if needed. A special tool adjusts the clutch; storing the adjusting tool away from the end user prevents changing of torque settings. Various snap-in colour rings attach to the nose of the tool

to allow users to quickly identify various torque range settings at the assembly line.

Precise and stable under load

Whether assembling computer drives, electronics or precision mechanical equipment, the C-EXACT is a great choice when precision is what matters most. Bosch quality testing for the C-EXACT family is extremely rigorous. Each C-EXACT must survive a 1,000,000 cycle test under load without failure or excessive adjustment before being released for production. Standard operational life must exceed 1,000,000 cycles while maintaining a minimum ISO 5393 standard CMK value greater than

1.67 with a tolerance of ± 10%. Our electric tools are among the most accurate on the planet.

The C-EXACT straight screwdriver

The C-EXACT is the first in a new family of straight electric drivers from Bosch. It is equipped with a combination of great features to insure that it sets new standards for accuracy and durability.

  • Brushless DC electric motor
  • One-handed forward/reverse
  • ESD (ElectroStatic Discharge) compliant

The PUC-EXACT power supply

The C-EXACT electric screwdriver uses a single PUC-EXACT power supply to provide clean, quiet energy to the brushless DC electric motor. The PUC-EXACT comes with a 3 meter long power cable to give you a power source that can be located where you need it. The power supply helps lower operating costs by providing the tool with efficient low-voltage electricity.


Bosch SEC-EXACT cordless assembly tools make the assembly process easier, faster, safer and more accurate. Thanks to our patented SEC motors, our ability to control shut-off via motor braking is better than ever. This means that the SEC-EXACT is the most accurate cordless tool Bosch has ever made. Improving on the best clutch in the world wasn‘t easy, but we know you expect nothing less from the world leader in cordless assembly tools.

Bosch SEC-EXACT tools will improve your productivity.

The SEC-EXACT cordless series provides up to 100% speed increase over the standard EXACT range. Couple that with a weight reduction in select models that provides up to 70% better power to weight ratio, and your productivity is sure to dramatically improve. For

example, the new SEC-EXACT 412 drops 300 grams compared to the standard EXACT 12, thanks to the use of a 9.6 volt battery. The increased motor efficiency of the SEC range means that all centre-grip models need only a 9.6 volt battery to perform better than ever.

The Bosch SEC motor has no brushes to wear out. But the most important feature is that this patented technology developed by Bosch does not need a sensor to know rotor speed and position! This provides a very efficient, wear-free motor system compared to any other

brushless motor from any manufacturer in the world. This 3-phase brushless, sensor-less motor is designed and manufactured by Bosch in Europe, thus insuring the highest quality standards are met and maintained.

To sum it all up in a word: SEC = M²!

  • Achieve faster line speeds thanks to shorter tightening cycles: Work moves faster thanks to speed increases up to 100%.
  • Improved ergonomics, weight and reaction force translates into satisfied, productive workers that like using the SEC-EXACT tools.
  • Reduces life-cycle costs due to wear-free components.
  • Bosch SEC motors are the most efficient, durable and economical motors of their type in the world.