Aluminium Structural Framing – Ergonomic Workstations


Ready to assemble workstation frames. Choose from Desk-Type, Box-Type, or adjustable

Extension Struts

Extension struts allow you to mount various accessories to a workstation. Lights, air supplies, tools, and grab bins can all be mounted on extension struts. There are two versions to choose from:

  • Extension Strut – for standard workstations
  • Accessory Uprights – for adjustable workstations

Worktable Accessories

Finish your workstation with tabletops, footrests and side panels

Storage and Grab Containers

Grab containers allow parts to be easily organized and within reach of a worker at a workstation. They can be mounted to rails along the back of the workstation, to material carts, or just placed on a shelf.


Shelfs attach to the uprights of workstations. Grab bins can be placed on shelfs for easy access to parts for an assembly operation.

Material Shuttles

Rexroth offers a wide selection of carts and shuttles designed to transport parts and equipment from place to place in a factory or office environment. Carts consist of a rolling aluminum frame on which shelves, bin racks, case holders, etc. can be mounted.

Information Presentation

Information boards give workers easy access to procedures or work instructions at a workstation. Wall boards and bulletin boards are also available.

Tool Management

Tool Rails and tool hangers attach to extension struts and allow tools be be hung out of the way but within reach of workers.

Comfort and Convenience

Several accessories to increase a worker’s comfort at a workstation

Electrical and ESD Components

The following accessories are used to not only provide light and power to a workstation but also to provide a complete ESD solution where needed.

Other Workstation Components

These accessories allow the attachment of a wide variety of components to workstations using pivoting joints. Fixtures can also be attaced to a workstation using the fixture plate profile.