Aluminium Structural Framing – Profile Connectors


Die-cast aluminium gussets are available for connection a wide range of profile sizes and applications, from 20×20 to 100×100. Elongated holes allow gussets to be adjusted for position, while guide tabs assure proper alignment in the profiles T-slot. Tabs can be easily removed with a flat-tip screwdriver for cross-connection of profiles.

Die-Cast Foundation Brackets

These aluminium foundation brackets have a similar die-cast construction as the gussets. Easy to remove alignment tabs help to centre the bracket in the T-slot properly. Remove the bottom tabs to use as a foundation bracket, or leave them on to use as a shelf bracket.

Inside-Outside, Inside-Inside Gussets

These gussets are used when you want the convenience of a gusset but need to have an open T-slot

Corner Connectors

For attaching 2 to 3 profiles at 90 degree angles. Available for profile sizes 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 45mm, and 50mm

Connection Screws

Connection screws provide a strong, right angle connection between two profiles while leaving the T-slots open for panels. Machining of an access hole is required for all connection screws and tapping is required for non self-tapping screws

Bolt Connectors

Bolt connectors provide the strongest right-angle connection with minimal machining. One through hole is required in one of the two connecting profiles. Through hole sizes are provided in charts for each bolt connector type

Quick Connectors

Quick connectors allow for fast assembly and dissambly of structures for reconfiguration or mobility. Connectors are available in a rigid version for 90 degree connections, end-to-end variable angle connections, and end-to-side variable angle connections

Other Right-Angle Connectors

These 90° connectors are more specialized for specific tasks such as: mitred corner connections, multiple profile junctions, and T-connections.

End-to-End Connectors

These connectors are used to connect two profiles end-to-end. Several different varieties are provided to fit any specific application

Angle Connectors

The following connectors are used to connect profiles at an angle. Fixed connectors set the angle at 45° while adjustable connectors allow almost any angle

Support Bracket

 Supporting bracket for connecting two profiles with defined spacing

Steel Bracket

Steel bracket without centering lugs for fastening at any angle

For More Detail Contact ESA or down load the Basic Mechanic Elements MGE 13.0 catalogue refer to section 3