Cylinders and drives

Pneumatic cylinders from AVENTICS: rodless cylinders and piston rod cylinders – powerful and versatile

Based on a clear platform strategy, AVENTICS extensive product range fulfills multiple requirements: from extremely compact cylinders for small handling applications such as the KPZ series, large-dimension standard cylinders such as the PRA-TRB series for the most powerful tasks. AVENTICS also offer piston rod cylinders or rodless cylinders with guided slides for long strokes. For ISO cylinders, AVENTICS offer the modular MSC series sealing system, which enables a simple, fast exchange of the scrapers without removing the cylinder.

See the product range at glance below that ESA can supply …


Standard Cylinders, PRA-TRB Series

  • Versatile product spectrum
  • Reduce weight
  • More efficient, shorter cycle times
  • Smooth-running and quieter thanks to elastic cushioning element
  • Optimized pneumatic cushioning
  • Material-optimized, cleaning-friendly design

Mini Cylinders, CSL-RD Series (ISO6432)

  • Mean surface roughness of RA ≤ 0.6 thanks to electropolished cover surfaces
  • Cylinder lubrication approved for the food industry in accordance with EN ISO 21469 (NSF-H1)
  • Scraper material approved for the food industry (FDA-compliant in accordance with 21 CFR 177.2600)
  • Polyurephane scraper extremely resistant to acidic and alkaline cleaning agents
  • Gentle, low-vibration elastic cushioning
  • High-performance pneumatic cushioning
  • Simple assembly options thanks to hexagonal wrench flats

Round Cylinders, RPC and ICS-D2 series

  • RPC Series covers Ø 32 – 63 mm and ICS-D2 Series covers Ø 32 – 100 mm sizes
  • Double-acting with magnetic piston
  • Cushioning, pneumatically adjustable
  • Corrosion protected
  • Suitable for use in food processing

Short Stroke Cylinders, SSI series (ISO 15524)

  • Especially short thanks to customized profile length
  • Very light construction
  • Better elastic cushioning than competitor products
  • Simple assembly, including sensors
  • Good reduction of noise and vibrations
  • Sensor series ST4, ST6, and SM6 can be directly mounted for distance measurement

Compact Cylinder, KPZ Series (NFE 49 004)

With their standardized connection dimensions, KPZ compact cylinders can be integrated into existing systems – without any changes to the design! They comply with the customary cross-manufacturer European standard CETOP (NFE49004 standard). The long-term series covers diameters of 16 to 100 mm, offers long-term availability, and lowers your costs.

  • Single- and double-acting functions
  • Anti-torsion elements with front plate
  • Non-rotating piston rod

ISO Cylinders, CCI Series (ISO 21287)

The cylinder housing manufactured in a state-of-the-art process consists of a continuous aluminium profile, with a press-fit cover and bottom. Starting at a piston diameter of 63 mm, the cylinder covers are bolted. This easy-to-clean design prevents any accumulation of dirt, as far as possible.

  •  High quality and production precision
  •  Many variants and equipment details, such as continuous sensor slots on each side of the cylinder
  •  Piston diameters from 16 to 100 mm
  •  Stroke lengths up to 25 mm (single-acting) and 500 mm (double-acting)

Guide Cylinders, MSC series

For guide tasks in efficient handling: Custom-configured for specific applications, the mini slides work precisely and reliably. The MSC features very high torque absorption and maximum stability. In addition, it is characterized by many technical details for optimally adapted functions and maintenance-friendly processes.

  •  Equipment details that can be integrated universally: maximum configurability in the same compact machine design
  • Air connection, sensor mounting, and stroke setting on the same side
  • Variable stroke adjustment for different stroke lengths for each individual unit
  • Dynamic with high guiding accuracy and optimized performance
  • One-piece slide table for maximum rigidity and high precision
  • Weight-optimized material concept

Rodless Cylinders, RTC series

AVENTICS’ new RTC series rodless cylinders are ideal for powerful applications where installation space is critical. The cylinders are available in four versions, offering the right solution for every demand in a modern design.

Instead of using a round piston, the cylinders come with an oval one. This results in high load capacities and side load stability. In the RTC series, the slide and piston rod are one unit, making it possible for the slide to move maximum loads on smaller cylinders. Application examples include sliding, elevating, pick & place, transport, high-speed cutting, and much more.

RTC cylinders with guide rails have an interface for Easy-2-Combine components for multi-axis systems. This simplifies machine design and construction, and saves time and money.

Other specialist cylinders and drives that ESA can supply from the AVENTICS range …


Bellows Actuators

AVENTICS bellows actuators are characterized by their robustness, durability, and flexibility. And this not only applies to their materials: Our comprehensive range of products is suitable for nearly all applications and connection sizes, whether it is to generate a powerful stroke or for air cushioning in the pneumatics industry. Add to this particularly fast delivery times and you have the perfect package.

When looking for vibration dampers, the single, double, or triple bellows actuators and rubber cylinders are the ideal choice for many applications thanks to their simple assembly and low height. The different elastomer qualities for the respective bellows meet the highest safety standards for temperature ranges of -60°C to +130°C and comply with all common certifications.

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Rotary Actuators

Rotary wing drives, RAK series

  • Angle of rotation 30 – 270 ° or  90 – 270 °
  • Double-acting
  • Axis geometry: single

Rack and Pinion Gears, RCM and TRR series

  • Angle of rotation 0 – 360
  • TRR series Ø32 – 100 mm, RCM-SE Ø6 – 25 mm , RCM-SH Ø12 – 25 mm
  • With magnetic piston
  • Double piston with rack
  • Cushioning: pneumatically, adjustable on TRR series or elastic on RCM series


Further elements you can choose from the AVENTICS range include

  • Cylinders with built-in distance measuring sensors
  • Double piston cylinders
  • Diaphragm actuators